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Table Olive Production and Processing Process Technology

Our facility keeps quality at the first place while it aims to exceed the existing hygiene and quality standards. The investments in our facility have been realized within this frame as open for development.

Our facility aims to respond demands steadily. For this purpose, machinery, equipment and facility investments are above Turkish standards. In our facility -complying with the licensed warehouse criteria-, products gathered from the trees are calibrated under the supervision of food engineers and technicians. Subsequently, these products are naturally fermented in CTP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polyesters) tanks which are approved by world health organization and have food certificate of conformity.

After 6-9 months’ fermentation process, fermented olives are removed from the tanks, calibrated again in washing calibration machines and forwarded to production line. The olives are re-washed in production line in which the whole ground is epoxy-coated. Then, the microorganism loads of the products are minimized with the Blancher machine.

The olives are transferred from blancher to drying tunnel in order to reduce the surface water and then purified from foreign substances in selection-extraction line. At last, the products are homogenously oiled in oiling line and filled in packages.

Thanks to this technology and investment, our products are hygienic, of high quality and have long shelf life.

Our organization created a team of experts and also supports continuous development with professional consulting services.

AD Tarım aims to set the rules and raise the standards in the industry in the whole process from purchase and processing of olive until it reaches the final consumer.