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Frequently being subject to Mediterranean myths, olive -also called Eternal Tree or Tree of Life- takes its place in our lives since ancient times. It is not only used as food but also used as health, beauty and fuel substance.

The olive tree is said to be the first of all trees that grow around the world. According to other information, the starting point of olive is “Olea Chrysophylla” which is a kind of evergreen wild tree. However, there is no exact knowledge on the origin and history of olive. As a general belief, olives were found for the first time in Mediterranean basin and spread to the world from here with the trade routes.

Despite being known as a Mediterranean plant, olive tree covers an extensive habitat. In Turkey, it grows in Mediterranean and Black Sea regions and even in inland areas where there is no marine climate. However, Marmara region steps forward in terms of table olives. The number of olive trees in this region covers a large portion of Turkey’s olive production. Within the region, especially Mudanya, Orhangazi, İznik and Gemlik areas are rich of olive trees.

Some of the countless benefits of olives and olive products (oil, leaves, etc.) might be listed as:

- Effective in the treatment of sinusitis.

- Helps regulate cholesterol.

- Reduces stomach acid and so has protective characteristics against gastritis and gastro duodenal ulcers.

- Olive has many substances against cancer as well as A, D, E and K vitamins. These vitamins have proven effect for protecting the human body by inhibiting the formation of cancer tumors and prevent it against radioactivity.

- Olive has anti-aging effects.

- Olive is liver-friendly. In addition, it is observed to be beneficial in digestive disorders, gallbladder disease and jaundice.